Monday, January 10, 2011

Island Sauce Edit

During my two week holiday break back in the States, I had an opportunity to finally play around with my ol' moog and talkbox again! Robro Raymo has been missing in action for about 5 months, and MGD's Haris Badic had asked me a while back to throw down on a little music edit for his HI10 documentary. Most of you Hypernauts or Boney M enthusiasts probably have the original already in your mobile rotation. However with this version I've spiced up the recipe with a bit of my synthetic vocal harmonies and Swedish pop sensation, MC Google Translate!

Robro Raymo & Google Translate- Island Sauce Edit

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Xmas Rap Mini-Mix

I know Xmas is still a month away, but the snow outside up in the north pole motivated my spirit a little early this year! So got to makin' a lil' mini-mix for the Hopettes dance crew to choreograph a routine to back in the states. It's basically some ol school xmas rap sonsg you've probably heard already, but all rolled up into a 2 1/2 minute jam! :D

Fo Sho & Tell- Xmas Rap Mini-Mix

The Waitresses- Christmas Wrapping
Quad City DJ's- What You Want For Christmas
Strafe- Set It Off
Jackson 5- Santa Claus is Coming to Town
Kurtis Blow- Christmas Rappin'
Treacherous Three- Santa's Rap
B-Fast & G-Slow- Lil' Bass Boi
Run DMC- Christmas in Hollis

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Sarina Suno- Global Warming

Global Warming from Fo Sho & Tell on Vimeo.

So I found a lost dv tape of footage that I took of my violinist Sarina Suno for a tune we recorded back in 2006, called Global Warming... When she was living in Brooklyn, we scaffolded up to her rooftop to film the shots of her rockin' out on her old electric yamaha.. it was cool playing around with the coloring a bit for producing this quick sample of the track!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Homo Motus Grafessio

Homo Motus Graffesio ...and Beyond from Fo Sho & Tell on Vimeo.

Check out my first project out here in Hyper Island that I collobarated with fellow motion designers Andres Berglund, Jakob Fyledal, Verena Grahm, Robin Gunthur, & Jacob Nathanson. We take a retro futurisic approach to the Food Industry...but with a twist focusing on food as a means for creativity and inspiration. With our subject species The Homo Motus Grafessio, we take a look at what fuels them!

Keep It Goin' Intro!

Keep it Goin' Intro from Fo Sho & Tell on Vimeo.

here's a quick rough collage i threw together with a bunch of clips i synced to Lion Tamer's Keep It Goin' Instrumental.. Made it for my last show in the states in August, and many of you were asking me what the Fat Albert track here it is! Some other cameos include Little Shop of Horror Plant, David Byrne, Laurie Anderson, Jumaine Clement, Paul Rudd, etc. etc.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Shades of Grey- Bumble Bee

So for those who don't know, my Shades of Grey band project will officially be on hiatus this next year while i pursue a new gig out at Hyper Island in Stockholm, Sweden. Only time will tell on whether we decide to write more future stuff together, but before leaving I wanted to finish up on a jam we had started a few months back. It's a reinterpretation of a gem we found crate diggin' one day called Bumble Bee, originally recorded by Lavern Baker in the 1950s.. Laura's sister Aria takes the lead vocal on the verses for this one. My former MystiQuintet violinist Sarina Suno performs an electric violin cameo. And I take a stab at laying down some virtuoso xylophone for the first time. The sound of bees you'll hear in the tune were recorded on a ranch in San Antonio this past 4th of July. I had just woken up and was sneakin' a morning smoke on my friend's outdoor patio when suddenly i heard a swarm lurkin' near in the distance. Rather than running like a bitch, i manned up and confronted the gauntlet, sticking my iphone right in the grills of what i thought were bees. In actuality they were hornets, but close enough! But yah, listen and cop this epic jam, it may quite possibly be our musical curtain call together!

Shades of Grey feat. Aria Cavaliere- Bumble Bee

Monday, July 19, 2010

One A Aron & Robro Raymo- Marco Polo

So we're midway through this year's summer season, just we're about at the point when everyone starts complaining about the heat... It's humidity's prime time, where we all want nothing more than to just jump into a pool and cool our asses off! So to enhance your next swimming experience is a brand new track, dedicated to one of my favorite pool games of summers' past, Marco Polo!

Now if you've followed some of the tunes I've produced over the years, you are probably familiar with hearing some sorta female vocal element within the soundscape. However the featured soprano on Marco Polo is actually a dude... Nashville's Ukelele virtuoso/ Billy Zane dopelganger One-A Aron aka Aron Wright ( his myspace )... Some of you may have heard his acoustic make out music recently on a CW vampire show or on other various network drama love scenes.. but for this jam we decided up soul it up in sorta a Robin Thicke meets OMC kinda fashion! Lyrically we take a reminiscent dive into the days of our youth, a tale about kickin' game at the community pool...with a focus on the sights, the smells, and the human interaction that Marco Polo embodies and brings to the table.. Towards the end there's even a musical swimming motiff, with a vocal emulator solo that characterizes the sound of 80s freestyle!

So yah remember kid's this one is strictly for the pool and not the beach! We highly recommend not playing Marco Polo in the ocean, cause it may lead to some sorta fatal baywatch type situ...

One A Aron & Robro Raymo- Marco Polo


R: Marco Polo, Marco Polo
Marco Polo, Marco Marco Polo
Marco Polo, Marco Marco Polo

A:Lately I've been dreamin' bout holdin' your hand at the community pool
I can't remember if your hide and seek was for real or were you playin' it cool
Let me see the sun bleach in your hair watch the water roll off your tight skin
I be jumpin' in the deep end baby wishin' summer games will never end

A: Marco Polo, simple echoes of the past
R: of the past
A: Marco Polo, swimming blindly tag em fast
Marco Polo, summer love will never last
R: Love will never last
A: Marco Polo, Marco Polo

A: Don't be cheatin' you peakin' i see ya i know you know i know the rules
Watch where you reachin', I'm freakin' you almost tagged me in the family jewels
Why you teasin' my senses splashin' chemistry up in my eyea
If you feel like surrenderin' baby we can take it to the slip and slide

R: Tag your it tag your it
Tag your it tag your it
Tag your it tag your it
Tag your it tag your it

A: Marco Polo, simple echoes of the past
R: of the past
A: Marco Polo, swimming blindly tag em fast
Marco Polo, summer love will never last
R: Love will never last
A: Marco Polo, Marco Polo

Monday, July 12, 2010

Lion Tamer- Subsurface (Flynn Remix)

So in August, Fo Sho & Tell's 2nd full-length release, Lion Tamer's- The Chase will officially drop. One of the featured tracks, the dharma inspired "Subsurface" recieves a remix treatment from our good friend currently living out in LA, William Flynn! Over the last couple years you may have seen him rockin' festivals and concert stages as member of The Prigs and St. Vincent, as well as Djin' ableton live sets from coast to coast. He takes an experimental sound design approach to re-creating tune! Vastly different from the original, he made the most of elements we gave him. An architect for collagin' a subtle yet effective mood shiftin' landscape!

Lion Tamer- Subsurface (Flynn remix)

Lion Tamer- Subsurface (original)

Friday, July 9, 2010

Jonas Bros. Old School Mashups!

Pretty random, but the Jonas Brother's musical director contacted me on facebook and hired me to come up with three 2 1/2 minute ol school rap mixes for them to incorporate with dancers for their upcoming tour! There are No Jonas samples in their just the straight up jam they requested and I play around with in a day...check em' out!

Jonas Ol School Mix1

Jonas Ol School Mix2

Jonas Ol School Mix3

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Felix Cavaliere & Steve Cropper's- Midnight Flyer LP

Earlier this year, my long time family fwend Rock n' Roll Hall of Famer Felix Cavaliere asked me to record some talkbox on his new album project with Stax recording guru Steve Cropper. The voice of the 60s group The Rascals, Felix is responsible for writing such legendary hits such as Groovin', It's a Beautiful Morning, and Good Lovin'. His new release sorta lies somewhere between a Hall & Oates/ Schoolhouse of Rock sound of vintage 70s and early 80s funk.. It's a honor to throwdown my Troutman-esque complement to their tracks "Move The House" and the instrumental finale "Do It Like This". Check em' out and the rest of the album which is now up on itunes this week!

Felix Cavaliere & Steve Cropper- Move The House

Felix Cavaliere & Steve Cropper- Do It Like This

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Fo Reels? A Video Mixtape!!!

Fo Reels? A Video Mixtape!!! from Fo Sho & Tell on Vimeo.

So after years of doing the audio/visual DJ thang, I finally decided to post in it's entirety a full length Video Mix Set online, so that y'all can now stream at your next house party or download it onto your ipod (if you sign up for a vimeo account). Fo Reels!!! is my latest and greatest set that I put together for the recent RE-form event in Nashville, TN and performed up in Philly and NY last month. It features loads of original A/V edits & cinema mash ups customized the whole nine yards!...seamlessly blended both sonically and optically over the course of roughly an hour. Some highlights include my How I Met Your Mother Video Resume remix, Manny Pacquiao's Jimmy Kimmel karoake, Lion Tamer's The Chase video, and a few new Shades of Grey jams off the next album including JJC's remix of That's Right a Love Song! So if you've missed the live show or want to re-live the moment, peep it and pass it along!


1. Fo Sho & Tell Intro
2. Dusty Springfield- Spooky
3. Tittsworth- WTF (Sammy Bananas remix)
4. Gangpol & Mit- Stand on Waste
5. Mr. Oizo- Cut Dick (inst.)
6. How I Met Your Mother- Video Resume
7. Liquid Liquid- Optimo
8. Arrested Development- Tennessee
9. Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros- Home
10. Nashville Teens- Tobacco Road
11. D-Jay- Hard for a Pimp (feat. Shades of Grey)
12. Dolly Parton- Jolene
13. Dave Chappelle & Fwend- N*gga on the Side
14. Shades of Grey- Possible Possibiliy (inst.)
15. Pat Benetar- Love is a Battlfield
16. Duran Duran- Electric Barbarella
17. Forbidden Zone- Bim Bam Boom
18. Ruckus Roboticus- I Dig Chicks
19. C2C- DMC Jazz routine
20. Triplets of Belleville- Belleville Rendez-Vous
21. Lion Tamer- The Chase
22. St. Vincent- Bang Bang
23. Nancy Sinatra- Bang Bang
24. Rye Rye- Bang Bang
25. Green Velvet- Everybody Wants (feat. Kid Sister)
26. General Larry Platt- Pants on the Ground
27. Ludacris- How Low
28. Savage- Swing
29. Busta Rhymes- Break ya Neck
30. Shiny Toy Guns- Major Tom
31. Revenge of the Nerds- Lambda Lambda Rap
32. Shades of Grey- Go Ape (inst.)
33. Queen- We are the Champions
34. Monsters vs. Aliens- Beverly Hills Cop
35. Parks & Recreation- Parents Just Don't Understand
36. Yaz- Situation (inst.)
37. Shades of Grey- Chicken or the Egg
38. Freaks & Geeks- How Funky Is Your Chicken?
39. Tapeheads- Roscoe's Chicken
40. Mad TV- IPad
42. Survivor- Eye of the Tiger
43. Manny Pacquiao- Sometimes When We Touch
44. Shades of Grey- That's Right a Love Song (JJC Alpha Juno Remix)
45. Isley Brothers- That Lady
46. In Deep- Last Night a DJ Saved My Life
47. Fo Sho & Tell Outro

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

RE-form @ Open Lot Audio Mix Sets

Thanks to all those in Nashville who came out last Saturday to our RE-form event!! The art opening/ fashion show/ video dance party was a fun success! For those who requested some of the music I played out during the event, here are couple DJ sets I recorded... There's the Gallery warm-up mix as well as the music from the Parlour Fashion Show.. Mostly popular indie tunes you've probably heard before or already got on your ipod, but there are few edits and remixes i threw in there too.. But yah enjoy! I'll also post my special video set I made and performed specifically for the RE-form event at a later date..

RE-form Gallery Warm Up Set

RE-form Parlour Fashion Show Set

RE-form Gallery Warm-Up Tracklisting:

Vampire Weekend- Diplomat's Son
Broken Bells- A Ghost Inside
RJD2- Shining Path (Alan Wilkes rmx)
Aloe Blacc- I Need a Dollar
MGMT- Electric Feel (Aeroplane rmx)
Yacht- Psychic City
Chairlift- Bruises (Shades of Grey rmx)
Passion Pit- Sleepyhead (The Knocks rmx)
The Bird & The Bee- I Can't Go For That
Architecture in Helsinki- That Beep
Human League- Don't You Want Me
Phoenix- Listztomania (Holy Ghost rmx)
The XX- Shelter (Them Jeans rmx)
El Perro Del Mar- Change of Heart (What Kind of Breeze Do You Blow? rmx)
Justice- Dance (Raymo Vocoder Remix)

RE-form Parlour Fashion Show Tracklisting:

Miike Snow- Animal
Empire of the Sun- We Are the People (Shazam rmx)
Hercules & The Love Affair- Blind
Gorillaz- Stylo (Alex Metric rmx)
Passion Pit- Little Secrets (Hey Champ rmx)
Yuksek & Amanda Blank- Extraball (Breakbot rmx)
Rupaul- Supermodel (Fo Sho & Tell rmx)
Felix Da Housecat- Ready 2 Wear (U-tern Edit)
Walter Meego- Girls
LeLe- Breakfast (Fo Sho & Tell rmx)
Tim & Eric- Petitte Feet (Spankrock & Kudu rmx)
Carmen- Time to Move
Madonna- Dress You Up (Fo Sho & Tell edit)

Monday, March 22, 2010

RE-form @ Open Lot, Nashville

This Saturday Shades of Grey is throwing an event we've been planning for a few months at Nashville's Open Lot. RE-form focuses the theme of taking pre-exisiting items and creating something ne. Laura is the curator of the gallery, Laura's sister Aria will be running a fashion show, and I'll be taking care of the audio/visual DJing that night! For a previews, here's a video mix flyer i made RE-forming one of my favorite cult classics "The Forbidden Zone". It is an Elfman family production done in the early 80s directed by Richard Elfman, and the score was Danny Elfman's first flick during his Ooingo Boingo days. The accompanying track is a remix of the Jonah Jones 40s classic "I Dig Chicks". Enjoy, and hope to see ya at the event!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Lion Tamer- "The Chase"

About done wrappin' up shop for the 2nd full-length release on Fo Sho & Tell. For the past year and a half I've been writing some tunes with MystiQuintet violinist Cody Geil and we're calling the project "Lion Tamer" cause a) cody always where ths lion bling around her neck and b) both of us are Aries and deal with the shit of Leos on a regular basis.... While Cody is known for her virtuoso violin skills, her talents extend to singin' and lyrics writing as well. We've come up with an electroacoustic sound that with make you dance and maybe cry as well. For a preview, snag a copy of "The Chase", a song about playin' jenga, dominos, roulette, tabou, etc.



So you want to chase me

Play a game to grace me

Speeds so fast come race me

Ready get set and go

I'm your prey now hunt me

Get to the point and blunt me

Show yourself don't front me

Ready get set and go

Make a gamble, kiss your dice, place a new bet

Spin the wheel odds and even like in Roulette

Take your wooden block and put it up the top

Don't let it sway, it's gonna fall Jenga now stop!

Fight with words, fill the square, build up more points

Letter don't fit come back to it don't disapoint

You took my rook, you think i'm shook, you fell for my bait

I snatched your Queen, trapped your King and call checkmate


Blackjack 21 count those cards and win!

Get rid of chance it's frown upon, it a'int no deadly sin

Single file for miles and miles see that line grow

Rally em' up and knock em' down fall over domino!

Guess my phrase, while in a haze, it's just me and you

Hour Glass, Better think fast, so tabou!

Bust out the mat, on the floor limbs on colored dots

Twister the game, Lion tame, balance on spots


Thursday, February 4, 2010

Moldover's Mojo!

Congrats to my college buddy Matt Moldover, for developing this slick new midi controller The Mojo! Back in 2000, when I first met Matt, he was an experimental guitarist of the Boston livetronica group Schism, and now he's known in the Ableton nerd world as the Godfather of Controllism! What makes this thing cool is that instead of using mpc drum pads, it's equipped with video arcade buttons, so all the ol' mortal kombat combos you mastered in the 90s can now be applied musically! Along with his debut full length that's enclosed in a circuit-board Theremin CD case, dude continues to push some cool fun shit to play with!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

That's Right a Love Song

Finished a mix on a new Shades of Grey slow drag for the new album slated for release in 2010 or 2011, depending on how the flow of creativity goes...This one goes out to the gearheads!

Shades of Grey- That's Right a Love Song

(Chorus 2x)
Let's write a love song
That's right a love song
For tech nerd freaks and audio geeks
who don't know right from wrong
Let's write a love song
That's right a love song
For those who seek to take a peak
Normalize a wave it's on

Hey Mister DJ...
Wanna win my lotto....
Load me with wax..
On your serato..
Rocktron me a melody
mr. roboto
quantize up harmonies
from head to toe

(Chorus 2x)

Tickle me....
Through Ivory....
Bend some notes...
To find the key...
Play me like an upright...
And I will not be so uptight...
Pluck me like a strang...
Orchestrate and do our thang...

Oh My push my buttons like an akai
Mpc me with some beats to get between the sheets
Oh snap synchronize us with that love tap
Tempo free me with that helicon switch it and sing along
Oh damn, left and right it with with that hard pan
Spacialize me in my ears reflect our bodies like a mirror
Oh geez louise gimme some organ yes please
Hammond b me with ya pipe and lets create life

(Chorus 2x)

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Live @ Ella NYC Mix 1.24.10

So Sunday performed a fun Video DJ Set at this cool Speakeasy type joint Ella Lounge in NY... Here's the audio half of the recording if ya want something new to rock on your pods or at your desk! Threw in a bunch of random stuff i thought the crowd might like on the spot...some indie uhnz now jams, some space stuff, oldies mashups, some brat rap, and even some dirty south stuff towards the end .. Generally a Sunday night, crazy but not too crazy mix...I had left my needles on my decks down in Nashville, so don't expect to hear any scratching, i had to run off an mpc controller through serato without a pitch shift, so my mixin' might have been a bit rough...but whateva whateva pull the lever! I'm pretty proud of this 1 take mix... Enjoy!

Raymo- Live @ Ella NYC (Audio of VDJ Set) 1.24.10


1. Elvis Presley- Crawfish b/w Wings- Hi Hi Hi
2. Medium Medium- Hungry, So Angry
3. Of Montreal- Id Engager
4. Pacific- Hot Lips
5. Lykki Li- Breaking Up
6. Edwyn Collins- A Girl Like You
7. Lavern Baker- Bumblebee
8. KW Griff- Footstompin'
9. Chordettes- Lollipop
10. Sam Cooke- Cupid
11. Midnight Star- No Parking
12. Fukkk Offf- More Than Friends
13. Hot Chip- One Life Stand
14. Chromeo- Night by Night
15. Space- Magic Fly
16. Fake Blood- I Think I Like It
17. Daft Punk- Around the World b/w Unk- In Yo Face
18. Arcade Gang- When Doves Cry
19. B.O.B. & Marvin Gaye- I'll Be in the Sky
20. Munk- Rat Race
21. Karen O and the Kids- Heads Up
22. Breakbot- Runway to Elsewhere b/w Nas- I Know I Can
23. Marina & The Diamonds- I am Not a Robot
24. Paul Simon- 50 Ways feat. Amanda Blank
25. Dead Man's Bones- In the Room Where You Sleep
26. Tilly and the Wall- Pot Kettle Black
27. Shades of Grey- Movin' Up the Line
28. Mims- Move
29. Young Dro- Take Off
30. Project Pat- Googly Moogly
31. Animals- Boom Boom Boom
32. B52s- Dance This Mess Around
33. Specials- What I Like Most About You is Your Girlfriend

Friday, January 15, 2010

Shades of Grey-Go Ape Live

The last song I finished up in the 00s is a new Shades of Grey jam featuring Laura's twin Aria! We performed it live for the first time in January down in Nashville.. For the video backing track, I experimented with syncing up some of favorite musicians to create a video band! Maybe kinda hard to see on this live clip but we have:

Laura on V-drums
Raymo on DJ Hero
Zoot from the Muppets on sax
Devo on the keytar
Girl from Peter Bjorn song on the Whistle
Brocolick from the California Raisins movie on guitar
Baby Jacob on the hi-hat
and a bunch of other youtube musicians!

Shades of Grey- Go Ape (Unmastered Mix)

Thursday, January 14, 2010

RIP Teddy Pendergrass

This morning I was deeply saddened by the news of the passing of Philly Soul Legend Teddy Pendergrass. Back in the Summer 2006, I had the great honor of arranging and performing a medley of music for his tribute concert at the Kimmel Center in Philly. It was one of my greatest musical experience that I'll never forget. Afterwards I remember he shared some words of wisdom, telling me "As long as your follow your heart, happiness will always follow in that path"! Thanks Teddy you were truly a great influence, inspiration, and friend...and you're legacy will live on!

Thursday, December 31, 2009

Mix of the Decade: Front Bumbaclot

As the 00 decade winds down, I thought I'd share my most favorite mix I made in the decade. In 2005, I completed my Front Bumbaclot Mixtape, a dancehall oriented mashup mix before the days of Ableton & Serato (actually recorded in pro tools and final scratch 1). I was back in Boston finishing up my final semester in college after taking a year and half off from school "co-opin'"with MystiQuintet. While writing my last set of papers, I literally went through my entire vinyl collection and recorded my favorite riffs, acapellas, and movie quotes and threw them into one huge pot of gold! 114 continuous remixes in a 74 minute mix! Technically prolly still my most meticulous recording project to date...This was originally posted on my myspace account, when myspace first came out, but has since been lost due to file sharing deletions..most of my friends reading this prolly have a copy of it somewhere, but in case you lost it, here it is again with the full tracklisting! Happy Twenty-Tens Everyone! I guarantee Front Bumbabclot 2 will be made at somepoint this decade, although not yet sure if it's gonna be a sequel or a prequel yet..haha!

Kingspin- Front Bumbaclot

1. Kingspintro feat. Forrest Oates, George Takei, Natalie Portman, and the midget from the movie Ray
2. En Vogue- Back 2 Life b/w Boyz 2 Men- Motown Philly
3. Beastie Boys- Root Down b/w Jurassic 5- Influence
4. Kid & Play- We're Gettin' Funky w/ Beatnuts- No Escapin' This
5. Nice & Smooth- Hip Hop Junkies
6. Doug E Fresh & Shyheim- Life of a Shortee
7. Black Eyed Peas- Clap Yo' Hands
8. Sean Paul- Make 'em Clap
9. Beenie Man- Romie
10. Ms. Thing- Dude
11. Shabba Ranks- Ting-a-Ling
12. Chevelle Franklin- Dancehall Queen
13. Susanne Vega- Tom's Diner
14. Kingspin- "Milkshake" scratch
15. Rascals- Northern Touch
16. Notorious BIG- Nasty Boy b/w Duran Duran- Notorious
17. Janis Joplin- Mercedez Benz
18. The Cars- Let the Good Times Roll
19. Nate Dogg- I Got Love
20. Blue Cantrall- Hit'em up Style
21. Ol' Dirty Bastard- I Got Yo Money
22. Mr. Vegas- Hands up b/w George Michaels- Faith
23. Only the Strong- Panana Way
24. Vybz Kartel- Picture This b/w Bubba Sparks- Deliverance
25. Dixie Cups- Iko Iko
26. Kingspin- "Unsuccessful Pick up Line" scratch
27. Diana King- Shy Guy
28. Drifters- Under the Bordwalk
29. Mr. Easy- Pull Up b/w Z-Trip- I Want You Back
30. Jackson 5- I Want You Back b/w Weezer- Island in the Sun
31. Michael Jackson- Remember the Time b/w Aim- The Force
32. Grandmaster Flash- The Message b/w Vicious- Freak
33. MC Lyte- Cold Rock the Party b/w ??-Battle Without Honor or Humanity
34. Elephant Man- City Lock b/w Shy FX- Shake Ur Body
35. Elephant Man- Give her the Goo
36. Mr Vegas- Under Mi Sensi b/w Punjabi MC- Beware of the Dogs
37. Prince- 1999 b/w Lorna- Papi Chulo
38. Opus III- It's a Fine Day b/w Kevin Little- Turn Me On
39. Method Man- Release Yo' Def b/w Bernard Herman- Twisted Nerve
40. Wendy Rene- After Laughter
41. Tanya Stephens- Goggle b/w Busta Rhymes- Put Your hands where my eyes can see
42. Black Eyed Peas- Shut Up b/w Kumbia Kings- Insomnia
43. Redman & Beenie Man- Love Me Now
44. Ricky General- Skittle boom
45. Missy Elliot- Work It
46. Christina Aguilera- Geenie in a Bottle b/w White Stripes- Seven Nation Army
47. Mary J Blige- Family Affair b/w Aim- Let the Funk Ride
48. Audio Two- Top Billin'
49. KRS-One- Sound of the Police
50. Wrecks N Effect- Rump Shaker
51. Slick Rick- Lodi Dodi
52. Undisputed Truth- Smiling Faces
53. Marvin Gaye- Turn up Some Music b/w Gabin- Sweet Sadness
54. Sharkey- Snobird
55. Cutty Ranks- Limb by Limb b/w Marky- LK
56. Tenor Saw- Champion Sound b/w Mr Scruff- Do What you Want
57. Sean Paul & Beyonce- Baby Boy b/w TC Izlam- Ill type Sound
58. Supercat- Girltown
59. Capleton- Everybody
60. Shaggy- Ready Fi Mi Gal b/w Talib Kweli- Get by
61. Alicia Keys- Karma b/w Gangstarr- Code to the Streets
62. Kingspin selecta scratch b/w Atmosphere- Trying to Find a Balance
63. Red Fox & Naturalee- The Girl is Mine b/w Willie Bobo- Fried Neck Bones and Home Fries
64. Mr. Vegas- Fire Fire
65. Esthero- Wikkid Lil' Girls
66. Shaggy- It Wasn't Me b/w Krafty Kuts- Party in Central
67. Lumidee- Uh Oh b/w Zhane- Groove Thang
68. Moby- Honey
69. Wayne Marshall- Feelin'it b/w Quannum- I Changed My Mind
70. Buju Banton- Walk Like a Champion b/w Sean Paul- Top of the Game
71. Yes- Leave It b/w Total Science- Champion Sound
72. Queen- We Will Rock You- White Snake- Eye of the Tiger
73. Kingspin Tiger scratch
74. Sweeet Pussy Pauline meets Jackie Pack interlude
75. Akon- Mr. Lonely
76. Jack Black- Legend of the Rent b/w Reprazent- Brown Paper Pag
77. Beatles- Because b/w Sean Paul- Baby Boy
78. Buju Banton- Circumstance
79. Barrington Levy- Here I Come
80. Kosheen- Hide U b/w Luniz- I Got 5 On It
81. Sublime & Mad Lion- Do'in time b/w Lost Boyz Renee
82. Bone Thugs n Harmony- 1st of the Month b/w Cocoa Tea- Go Homeboy Soundboy
83. Jurassic 5- Quality Control b/w Dawn Penn- No, No, No
84. Chuck Fender- I Swear b/w Meters Just Kissed My Baaby
85. Capleton- Killing the Sound b/w Laurie Anderson- From the Air
86. Mr. Vegas- I Love you Mama b/w RJD2- Ghostwriter
87. Nitty Kutchie- Man a Bad Man b/w Dilated Peoples- Worst Comes to Worst
88. Lady Saw- Ninja Bike b/w Digable Planets- Jettin'
89. Red Rat- Shelly Ann b/w Mos Def- Freaky Black Greeting
90. Sean Paul- Inflitrate b/e Shy FX- Feel it
91. Shabba Ranks- Original Woman b/w John B- Salsa
92. KRS-One- Step into a World
93. Tanya Stephen- It's a Pity b/w Nickodemus & Osirus- Mariposa
94. Beenie Man & Arp- Committed b/w Digable Planets- Cool Like That
95. Maroon 5- This Love
96. Blendcrafters- Melody
97. Lords of the Underground- Tic Toc b/w DJ SS- Lighter
98. Digable Planets- Slicker this Year b/w Red Hot Chilli Peppers- Under the Bridge (gleet club mix)
99. Lauryn Hill- If I Ruled the World b/w Deflonics- Ready or Not
100. Fernanda Porto- Sambaism
101. EZ Rollers- Paradise b/w Truby Trio- A Go Go
102. Lady Lee- Situation b/w Nu-Tone- Expresso
103. Capleton- Wings of Morning b/w Moving Fusion- Chilli Pepper
104. Shelly- Kuff b/w EZ Rollers- Tough at the Top
105. Man Cobra- Big Long John
106. Chroniche- Two Sounds b/w Congo Natty
107. Rose Royce-Wishing on a Star b/w Adam F- Circles
108. Ronny Jordan- Brighter Day b/w Max De Castro- Carnaval
109. Mos Def- Travellin Man
110. Green Day- Time of Your Life
111. Kingspin- "Word Up People" scratch
112. Spearhead & Michael Franti- Pray Today
113. Controls- Key to Nord
114. In Deep- Last Night a DJ Saved My Life b/w Esthero- That Girl

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Movin' Up The Line Video

After 5 months of dabbling with After Effects, I finally finished a somewhat final version this... first one experiementing with heavy green screen keying..still need to polish the transitions up, but this is our performance ready live cut!

Shades of Grey- Movin' Up the Line (music video) from Fo Sho & Tell on Vimeo.